Andreas Kröpelin

The Game is a little card game that requires good communication. If you're not into that or don't have friends, try this single player mode!

The rules are simple: Distribute the numbers from 2 to 99 on four stacks, you can choose out of seven of them at the same time. The first two stacks start with 1 and only allow numbers going up, the other two start at 100 and only allow numbers going down. But: If you have a card that is exactly 10 in the wrong direction, you can still put it on a stack! You always have to play two cards before drawing new ones (which fills up your hand cards such that you have seven again) but you can play more. You win if you've distributed all the cards.

Pick a card:
… and put it on:

Hey, aren't you supposed to study or something? Just sayin'.